Science and the RISW


Article on 'Geology and the History of Societies in Swansea, South Wales During the Nineteenth Century' by Ronald L. Austin



Britain's Scientists come to Swansea, 1848

The meeting of the British Association for the Advancement of Science in Swansea in 1848 was remarkable in that so many first rank men of science braved visiting so little known an area as South Wales. That they did owed much to the high reputation of some of the leading men of the Royal Institution here, especially William Grove the physicist. The centre for what we might call a conference was the building which is now Swansea Museum, then the R.I.S.W., and only seven years old.

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Scientific Success and a Lost Opportunity

A dissertation by Karmen Ann Thomas.

An insight into why scientific advancement flourished in Swansea, an appraisal of scientific achievements and a discourse on higher educational failure during the Nineteenth Century.




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