Volume 16



St. Helen's House by William Butler

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Betty Nelmes (1921-2007) by Michael Gibbs

The History of the Oyster Industry in South Wales by A.R.Walker

Dr.Bowdler's Legacy Re-created by Sid Kidwell

Saint Helen's House, Swansea by Bernard Morris

The Mayoral Year of J.H.Lee (1907-1908) by Ronald L.Austin

The Welsh Industries Association, Philanthropy, Craft & Commerce[ 1898-] by Kathy Talbot

Dreadful Murder and Suicide in Swansea [Josiah Padley 1884] by Pam Williams

The Duties of a Charwoman [1892] by Jennifer Sabine

The White Rock Copper Works in 1797, a drawing by Thomas Rowlandson by Bernard Morris


ISBN 978-0-9508517-9-2