Volume 22




Adelaide Jones and Emily Phipps 1918

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Contents include:

  • Swansea's Blue Plaque Scheme by Richard Porch
  • Definitely not a doormat: Emily Phipps, feminist, teacher & trade unionist by Avril Rolph
  • Memories of a Swansea Jack IV by Peter Dover Wade
  • William Drayton's Tours in South Wales 1782 and 1783, II
  • The Glamorgan Pottery Bicentenary, 1814-2014
  • My great grandmother, Martha Jones & her son William Challacombe by Mildred Price
  • A Century at Sea: the Rees Family of Swansea Pilots by Matthew Small
  • Swansea Borough and the Hearth Tax Return, 1666 by Elizabeth Parkinson
  • Samuel Palmer Chapman [photographer] 1809-1895 by Judith Flint
  • '11 a.m. 3rd December 1939' by Lyndon Morris
  • John Gwyn Jeffreys – the Swansea born deep-sea dredging pioneer, 1809-1885 by Anna Holmes
  • John Dillwyn's First Tutor by B.M.Lodwick
  • Danygraig Memories by Mike Lewis
  • Carl Langer, Clydach & Bucklebury by Hugh Morgan

Gemau Byrrach (briefer gems):

  • Another World – Glais in the 1940s
  • A royal visit 1919
  • Roger Beck 1841-1923 [industrialist, benefactor, sportsman]
  • Garn Goch tramways
  • Sir Egbert [a World War I tank] comes to town
  • Swansea labour in 19th Century America

ISBN 978-0-9563784-6-0