Volume 5




The Swansea coat of arms in stained glass, 1920-1940(?)
(image courtesy of Swansea Museum)

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Contents include:

  • Purloined from Swansea Castle [1326] by Gary Gregor
  • John Jenkins of Rotherslade: a forgotten pillar of the Royal Institution by R.J.Hart
  • Some Unrecorded Swansea Pottery by Glynda & Neil Speed
  • Elizabeth Benson [d.1859]: a woman of some importance by Joan Harding
  • Talbot Rice and the Swansea Church School Controversy by Roger L. Brown
  • Swansea Castle in 1840: a new painting for Swansea Museum by Bernard Morris
  • Paper-Making in Swansea by Bernice Cardy
  • Evan Walters [artist] (1893-1951) by Robin Paisey

ISBN 0969-3246