Volume 7



Kate Bosse-Griffiths


TO CONSULT: online at Welsh Journals Online or go to Swansea Central Library (Open Tuesday-Sunday), West Glamorgan Archive Service or (Tuesday-Friday) Swansea Museum (by appointment 01792/653763).

Contents include:

  • A Tribute to 'Dr.Kate' [Bosse-Griffiths] by Marion Loffler
  • Mocha Ware: an update by Derek Harper
  • John Miles, Ilston and the Baptist Denomination in Wales by Glanmor Williams
  • Mumbles Marble and its association with Swansea & District by Ronald L. Austin
  • H.R.Wakefield, 1861-1948: Naturalist and Shell Collector by A.R.Walker
  • Uncommon Cape Horners: Women and Children at Sea by Joanna Greenlaw
  • Frank Llewelyn-Jones, 1907-1997: a Man of Many Parts by Colyn Grey-Morgan
  • Mary Grenfell [1836-94]: her travels in context by Jennifer Sabine
  • Artists of Loughor: the Visual Tradition of a Community by Dylan Rees 

ISBN 0969-3246