Annual Local History Book Fair / Ffair Flynyddol Llyfrau Hanes Lleol

Sat 27th Oct

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Annual Local History Book Fair / Ffair Flynyddol Llyfrau Hanes Lleol

The Local History Bookfair (27th October) was similarly successful, with lots of regulars, welcome newcomers like

Amiel Price, and the permanent return after several decades of Carl Smith! Attendance was spread a little more evenly through the day than previously, perhaps due, in part, to the development of the ‘mini talks’ which ran, this year, from 11.00 until 3.45.

These were made possible by the technical know-how of John Powell, R.I. member, who was on hand through the day to assist – and also found time to take excellent photographs. This was the keynote, a team approach. Helen Hallesy gave a lot of time this year to planning the event and taking the bookings. She, Elizabeth Belcham, Kevin Morgan and Colin Williams were crucial in laying out the rooms on the Friday. On Saturday, Richard Nedin was the genial toll collector. At the R.I. tables, a lot of journals and other things were sold by Elizabeth, Sandra Thomas, Phil Treseder, Marilyn Jones, Mari Evans, Paul Giuffrida, Helen Johns, Deborah Griffiths, Jennifer Protheroe Jones, Robert Barnes, Bernice Cardy, Mildred Price, Phil Andrew, Peter Jackson, Katrina Legg, Ruth & Malcolm Ridge, John Walters, Robert Leonard and Jenny Sabine.

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Some of the money raised was due to kind donations of books by Jenny, Ronald Austin, Susan Rees and others. Museum staff, both front of house, and what Gary at the desk memorably described as “back of house”, were uniformly helpful.

 It is great to have plenty of people coming in, it’s good to boost funds, and to see bookfair stalls doing well. But best of all at these events is to witness, within the context of local history, people meeting friends and making contacts. There is always plenty of chatting, a lot of it over the refreshments prepared by Christine Morris and the RI Social Committee. Long may it continue.

Gerald Gabb

(There are lots of names in this report. Sincere apologies if yours has been left. Please put it down to the writer’s appalling memory.)

Saturday 27 October / Sadwrn 27 Hydref   10:00am-4:00pm

In Swansea Museum / Yn Amgueddfa Abertawe


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