History Day & Journal Launch / Diwrnod Hanes a Lansiad Cylchgrawn

Sat 24th Sep

History Day & launch of this year's journal


The History Day (Saturday 24th September) was exceptionally well attended, and we would like to apologise to those turned away in the morning because the Education Room was full, and to those who had to stand. Total attendance is hard to gauge, as some people came just for the Journal launch, some for a single talk, and some hardy souls did the full day.

History Day 2016 - talk turnpikes.JPG

Thanks to Richard Daugherty whose “Swansea Turnpike Roads” (the first talk and a journal article) cut new ground. Thanks to Jeff Childs who managed to squeeze a thorough and fascinating account of the Gower churches into fifty minutes. The Historical Association, co-sponsors of the day, were very well represented by their chairman, John Ashley, whose “Early Swansea Aviators” was a characteristically lively and well-presented talk on a little known theme. Gerald Gabb rounded the day off with a look at Swansea streets, using current images but then harking back as far as 1332.


History Day 2016 - talk.JPG

The lunchtime discussion on ways of keeping Swansea Museum open and active also drew a good number. Some of the contributions were practical and informed, and some very valuable contacts were made.


History Day 2016 - SHJ.JPG

Sales of the Journal were good, and we are grateful to the shifting team of volunteers who manned the R.I. table. At times it was exceptionally busy. They also persuaded people to join.
If you are tempted to follow suit go to the “Join us” section on this website. The programme is excellent and the RI as Friends of the Museum need all the clout they can muster at this difficult time.
If you want a Swansea History Journal / Minerva there are stocks at the museum (open Tues-Sunday), Cover to Cover (Mumbles), the Waterfront Museum, Pennard Stores and the Uplands Bookshop.


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