Dilys Price

Thu 27th Feb


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I’m not dead yet: hooks for living a good life

Heb farw eto: sut mae byw bywyd da

Dilys Price

Dilys Price, a former teacher, made her first parachute jump at the age of 54.  She's now 87 and has completed over 1,130 jumps for charitable causes.  She was awarded an OBE for her services to education and special needs: she founded the charity Touch Trust.  She tells us what she believes makes for an active and enjoyable old age.

Cyn-arhrawes yw Dilys Price.  Neidiodd â pharasiwt am y tro cyntaf yn 54 mlwydd oed.  Erbyn hyn mae'n 87 mlwydd oedd, wedi cyflawni mwy na 1,130 o neidiau dros achosion elusennol.  Bydd hi'n siarad am yr hyn mae hi'n credu sy'n cyfrannu at henaint gweithgar a phlesurus.

Growing old (dis)gracefully / Heneiddio'n hapus, 4

Thursday 27 February / Iau 27 Chwefror   1:00pm

In Swansea Museum / Yn Amgueddfa Abertawe

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